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For the past few years Lizzie, as everyone calls her, has been the Editor In Chief at Fangirlish. She’s had articles published at Tell Tale TV, Netflix Life, Wizards and Whatnot, among others!

Fangirlish Reviews, Interviews, and More

1. I Will Go Down with This Ship: Deckerstar Edition

Excerpt: Lucifer and Chloe are not your typical ship. There’s nothing typical about the devil and – well, anyone, if you want to be brutally honest. We’re talking about the devil here! And yet, this version of Lucifer has really and truly found his match, and shall we say, his better half, in the form of Detective Chloe Decker. Read more HERE.

2. EXCLUSIVE: Shawn Ryan Talks ‘Timeless’ Fan Engagement & Potential Season 3

Excerpt: Ryan was very clear in one thing: the amazing outpouring of support from the fans is something the people behind Timeless are in awe of and something they deeply appreciate. “I literally don’t think there’s anything else the fanbase could have done,” he said, and continued on to explain that it’s “incredibly rewarding” to see not just the reaction to the finished work, but the desire for more. Read more HERE.

3. Goodbye, JK Rowling. We Don’t Need You Anymore

Excerpt: We don’t need your thinly veiled racism (Cho Chang, really? Also, have you ever met a latinx?), and your complete and utter lack of any diversity, not to mention your lame attempts to justify your issues afterwards, which have been more problematic than anything (Dumbledore, the other wizarding schools). Read more HERE.

4. ‘Outlander’ 5×12 Review: “Never My Love”

Excerpt: There really isn’t a reason for the show to keep what happened to Claire in the books (and I’ve already gone into Diana Gabaldon’s obsession with rape as a plot device) the same for the show. There isn’t an “unavoidable consequence” or a storyline that would not work without it. Hell, I’d argue there isn’t even that much change to Claire’s character to be had from it, at least in the books. Read more HERE.

5. Goodbye, Arrow. Goodbye.

Excerpt: Oliver, in the meantime, barely got any time with his wife or daughter, very little quality time with his son, and oh yes, sacrificed himself for plot reasons and shock value, or maybe because someone had to die in a crossover called Crisis on Infinite Earths, and who else were they willing to sacrifice if not the guy whose show was ending? Read more HERE.

6. Hey Hollywood, WOC Are Not Interchangeable

Excerpt: Women of color are not interchangeable. Now, of course, the problem of bad representation is big, and there are many facets to it. I don’t mean to go into all of them – I couldn’t. But the fact of the matter remains: every little step forward we take, representation wise, in entertainment, favors men first. That’s, like my bisabuela would have said, the way of the world, mijita. Read more HERE.

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